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"Mindset Coaching" Package

"Mindset Coaching" Package


Did you know that your mindset can make or break a job interview? It's true! If you walk into a job interview nervous, anxious and/or lacking confidence in yourself, you might as well have stayed home as you won't be moving forward in the interview process.


The "Mindset Coaching" Package includes a 1 hour one-on-one coaching session with a career coach with special expertise in mindset training for professionals going through every step of the application and interview process.


This coaching package will cover various areas, including:


  • How to tackle common psychological blockers, such as pessimism, anxiety, self-doubt, stress, lack of confidence, low self-esteem or fear, which can sabotage job interviews.
  • How to become your best self so you are able to speak easily and confidently about your experience, achievements, goals, etc. in order to leave a positive impression.
  • How to maintain high confidence and self-esteem after a job interview, even if everything doesn't go according to plan.
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