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"I believe that everyone has a story to tell - whether it's A small business owner communicating with their customers or an individual professional speaking to a hiring manager about their career experience - and I love knowing that I can help others hear those stories."

As a young girl growing up, Rebecca always had a passion for writing and sharing a great story (just ask her Kindergarten teachers!) along with a bubbly, outgoing, and passionate personality. She knew one day she would be destined to use her skills and personality to share her story, and others' stories, around the world. Today she is doing just that by working with small businesses and individual professionals on how to leverage the art of storytelling in order to inspire action.

Rebecca has a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in English, from McMaster University as well as a Post-Graduate Certificate in Public Relations from Mohawk College. Rebecca has almost a decade worth of experience in the business and public relations world, specifically focusing on areas including business consulting, social media marketing, brand building strategies, writing and editing, and creative problem solving - just to name a few!

While working as a full-time employee, Rebecca also established herself as a self-employed freelance writer on the side in September 2015, working with small business clients. From there her business grew, with additional services, including resume development, LinkedIn writing, and career coaching, being added to her business in October 2017. Rebecca eventually chose to leave the full-time corporate world behind to focus on her growing business and officially established Rebecca Bartley Consulting Services in March 2019.

Rebecca is passionate about helping others, whether you are a small business who needs assistance in targeting the right audience, or a professional looking to snag your dream job, Rebecca would love to help meet your goals!


"Rebecca Bartley Consulting Services helps small businesses and individual professionals use their voice and brand to stand out from the crowd and the competition."

Rebecca Bartley Consulting Services was officially registered as a business in March 2019. After working as a self-employed freelancer since September 2015, Rebecca decided to move the business forward in a more full-time capacity to help more clients and follow her passion.

Both Rebecca and Rebecca Bartley Consulting Services boast impressive portfolios of clients they have worked with over the past decade. Their portfolios combined include numerous professionals, small local businesses and large international corporations from a wide variety of industries, including education, not-for-profit, finance, industrial, healthcare, and technology - to name just a few!

The mission of Rebecca Bartley Consulting Services is two-fold. The first part is to work with and help small businesses get recognized in their local communities in order to generate more revenue sales for their business through content creation. The second part is to work with and help individual professionals stand out above other job candidates, and be recognized by hiring managers as the superstars they are, in order to score their dream jobs and/or move up the corporate ladder through resume development, LinkedIn optimization, and career coaching.

Rebecca Bartley Consulting Services is here to help out any small business and individual professional because we want you to have "your voice above the rest!"

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